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From Eden To Evil

   In the original edition of Eden to Evil, Gerry Burney explains the difference between the two biblical creation accounts, "Eden" creation and the "7-day" creation. They diverge in so many ways that many believe both cannot be true.

Did God make a mistake-and how do we fit into the two accounts? But if the two accounts were not a mistake, then God must have given us a riddle that only those who search for truth will uncover.

In this book, Burney deciphers the riddle to show how the answer helps us understand the Bible and how we view ourselves. Are we sinner or saints? In this new updated edition, Burney builds on the original, clarifying why a third of the angels rejected God’s authority, thus exposing how early civilizations so easily accepted Satan the serpent.

Learn in this insightful book how we can finally understand why we experience suffering and tragedy in God’s “very good” creation and why we need a Savior.

Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations


In this newly revised edition, more scientific evidence is revealed that has beeen withheld from school textbooks, showing that there is a lot of scientific evidence to support a sudden burst of creation as well as convincing evidence that evolution from one life form to a different life form (macro-evolution) could never happen.

In this book, you’ll also discover that there is lots of evidence that the universe is young...not billions of years old, revelaing evidence you will never see in standard school textbooks!

Various areas of science are explored including: Physics - the Universe - our Solar System - Geology - Radio-metric dating & Carbon-14 - DNA - Dinosaurs - Fossils & Humans - Language and Race, and a large section devoted to Ancient Civilizations.

Revelation, Apostasy, End Times & This Generation


While no one knows the Day of Christ’s return, Christ, in His own words in gives us the exact window of time during which He will return... and we are now living in that window of time.

In this book, you will see a Chapter by Chapter study of the Book of Revelation, End-Time events, Prophecy, and our place in eternity. Chapters include:

  • Rapture & Resurrection,
  • Salvation (can you loose it?)
  • The Zodiac (God’s story perverted)
  • The Feasts of Israel
  • Prophecy of Jesus
  • Daniel’s 70th Week Flow Chart,
  • Final States
  • Biblically defines Soul &Spirit
  • The Millennium
  • Time of Gleaning
  • The Millennium Temple
  • Revelation - Verse by Verse

God’s Plan / Satan’s Plan


Why are the most renown of man’s wonders which were at the center of both the Old and New Testaments, not even mentioned in the Bible? The Great Pyramid and Sphinx are but two of numerous imitations which Satan uses to deceive people.

What exactly is the Great Pyramid an imitation of? Explore in this fascinating book how Satan imitates God covering these topics:

  • The Source of Pain & Suffering
  • The Two Creations (Genesis 1-3)
  • Predestination
  • Original Sin
  • The Zodiac, and how God’s story of salvation has been perverted
  • The Fertile Crescent Timeline
  • The Queen of Heaven & false religions
  • Daniel’s 70th Week Flow Chart
  • Earth Timeline Chart
  • The Exodus & Mt. Sinai
  • Christ’s Birth Date
  • Islam & Prophecy
  • The Three Lies
  • Final States
  • Biblically defined Soul & Spirit
  • God’s Marriage & Divorce (salvation) Plan (the ancient meaning of)

Book of Chronologies & Time Charts


In it, we explore historical timelines along with a scenario of how the end-times will unfold. Timelines include:

  • Generations Timeline - Creation to Noah & the 70 nations
  • Text Timeline: the Bible's history
  • Earth’s Timeline: how science and the Bible agree
  • Fertile Crescent Timeline: History of Israel (Palestine)
  • Exodus Timeline
  • Civilization Timeline
  • End Times Chronology: a verse by verse scenario
  • Daniel’s 70th week chart...and more!

This book is 60 + pages of 9.5 x 11 sheets including Charts, Maps,& Time Lines.

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Into The Light


The life of Pastor Gerry is much more interesting than it might appear! In this book his wife and mininstry partner Monica writes a very moving and fascinating account of Gerry’'s life and what brought him to this point in his life.

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Obeying God


Obeying God gives a bird’s eye view of all the commands the New Testament church is given to obey. The book addresses both the enormity and yet, simplicity of God’s instructions to us as believers, highlighting the fact that Jesus proved that God’s commands are both doable and beneficial to us. At the heart of God’s laws, we find the central theme and purpose: “To love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength” and “to love our neighbor as ourselves” (Mark 12:30-31).

If we are truly a follower of Jesus and our heart’s desire is to please God, by faithfully submitting to His Holy Spirit, we will be transformed more and more into His likeness and be an effective witness to our lost world.

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