The Flat Earth and Genesis

Just when you thought you understood the biblical account of Genesis, this book come along to show us how we’ve messed up our understanding. By focusing on the old Hebrew and Early Christian understanding, the truth behind the two creation accounts is reveled—totally biblical, yet never taught in our modern enlightened church. This understanding of Genesis will also lift the veil on many of the issues the modern church struggles with, from predestination, to original sin, to evil and the source of suffering and tragedy in life..

Discover why God really destroyed the earth with a flood, and why no humans were actually destroyed in it. Discover what the curse on man and woman really means. Discover why we really need a Savor. Discover what really caused us to be condemned to death from the point of conception in this life.

For a long time people believed the earth was flat, only to find out later that it was round. And, for a long time now, people have believed that Genesis chapter one was the story of creation. However, we now find out that it is only a story of re-creation, and that actually the story of original creation is Genesis chapter two and three—the Eden account.

The Bible has been correct all along. The Bible states that the earth is round (Isa. 40:22). The Bible also states that Eden is the original creation account (Gen. 2:4-3:24; Job 38:4-7; Ps. 51:5; John 3:18; Rom. 1:21, 3:23; Eph. 1:4-5). But, we just didn’t get it. Even so, paradigms are hard to change. Back in history, when the earth was “known” to be flat, there were a few who thought it to be round. And today, even though it is accepted by most, that the priests (who put the Hebrew scrolls of the Torah of Moses, and the creation accounts together, during the time of David), got it right, there have always been some who thought that the two creation accounts didn’t quite fit.

Today, there are two sets of understanding concerning origins. This book will analyze which is the creation story of origin, and which is the story of re-creation, and how resolving this puzzle, actually solves another puzzle. . .predestination.



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