The Book of Chronologies & Time Charts

This book is only available through our Prison Ministry here. This book is a series of timelines and is extremely helpful to anyone interested in understanding the Bible and history. The first timeline covered is Creation and the Two Genesis Accounts. Next is a flow chart of the families and nations which followed Noah’s generation. Discover the timeline of the Bible in great detail, including the Jewish texts, the bishop structure, church formation and cultic treats. There is an Earth Timeline Chart depicting the biblical account from creation to present, the scientific hypothesis, and the actual scientific evidence. Discover the history of the Fertile Crescent—Palestine or Israel? See how the world’s empires developed in history, and the bibles link to them. Here Science, archeology, the Bible, and astronomy combine to give us a clear history of empires from the very beginning to today. Follow a scenario of how the end times unfold—a chronology—from 1948 to the New Heaven and Earth. This section uses the whole Bible to develop a detailed chronology of end time events to the very end. This is a comprehensive study aid everyone can easily comprehend. Again, this book is only available through this Prison Ministry website here.