Doctrinal Studies

These are ISSUES and DOCTRINE studies Done by Pastor Gerry

These are great to give to others who may have questions about these issues! Each one is a study by Pastor Gerry on the subject.

These are fairly substantial in nature – You’ll want to put your thinking cap on! Contact us to request a free copy of any of the following studies.


Studies on Issues and Doctrine:

  1. Angels & Humans: Both the creation, and the end times hint at a relationship.
  2. Christ’s Birthdate: Historical records, and astronomical clues.
  3. Creation – Two Accounts – Early Christian View/Late Christian View-A Scriptural Comparison.
  4. Cursed & Blessed: Women in leadership in the church, and the failure of men.
  5. Daniel’s 70th Week: Includes what the various faiths believe about this week.
  6. Dragons, Dinosaurs, & Humans: The scientific evidence.
  7. Early Christian Doctrines: What early Christians understood on issues addressed by this ministry concerning the two creation accounts of Eden and the 7-day.
  8. Ethics, Morality, Truth: Defines truth.
  9. End Times Chart: Daniel’s 70th Week—Abomination appears at the end…not the middle.
  10. Exodus: A Hyksos Pharaoh…the year 1440…Real Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia.
  11. Feasts of Israel: Holy Days given to Moses fulfilled by Jesus- The Passover week clarified.
  12. Fertile Crescent Timeline: Traces Israel’s claim to Palestine.
  13. Final States: What happens after death.
  14. Freaks: We are all cursed…the Law & Grace…Take up your cross.
  15. Giants, Nephilim, Mighty Men, Fallen Angels: What the Bible really tells us.
  16. Hanukkah: How Jesus fulfilled the 3 years and the 8 days at Passover-discussed on TV and Radio.
  17. Islam: Their prophecy of the end times…comparison with Christianity.
  18. Life: Science, by its own evidence, proves life requires design.
  19. Logos: Language, beliefs, and Babylon.
  20. Marriage & Divorce: God’s purpose…the picture of salvation & judgment.
  21. Millennium: Flesh bodies?  Babies?  Blood sacrifice?  This is God’s gleaning.
  22. Oh, by the way…one last thing: God of the Old Testament and Grace.
  23. Original Sin: Meaning and source.
  24. Pets or Parts: Cloning and possible connection with Demons.
  25. Queen of Heaven: Referenced in the Bible, and appearing as Mary…who is she?
  26. Pagan gods & Fallen angels: What the Bible tells us, and history records.
  27. Pain & Suffering: Why God allows it…You Asked for it!
  28. Passover Week: Triumphful entry on Saturday…Death on Wednesday…a day-by-day Scriptural reference.
  29. Political Science, or Political Science?: Evolution…Global Warming…Science?
  30. Prophecies of the Bible: Evidence of the Bible being supernatural.
  31. Predestined: How God makes His decision—the heart and core of doctrine.
  32. Resurrection: ..resurrection and rapture timing.
  33. Sabbath: 10 commandments, or 9, or 2?
  34. Salvation: Once saved, always saved?  Can we lose it?  Free Grace?
  35. Ten Plagues of Exodus: What was God doing?  Plagues or prophecies.
  36. Text Timeline: Traces the source of the Bible.
  37. Third Temple, and then the Fourth: A prophecy from John…the “true” location.
  38. Time Chart: Of Earth – compares Bible and Scientific evidence for “age”
  39. Trees: References of trees to people—one third of biblical references to trees are to people.
  40. Trinity: Clearly defined!
  41. Truth Matrix: Comparison of world religions with the one important question…”What supernatural evidence has each for overcoming death?”
  42. Two Creation Accounts – Early Christian View/Late Christian View-A Scriptural Comparison.
  43. Zodiac: God created a story in the stars, and man perverted it.


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