Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations

Scientific Evidence Withheld from School Textbooks

There is actually lots of evidence to support a sudden burst of creation. There is also lots of evidence that evolution from one life form into another (macro-evolution), could never happen. This book explores all this evidence you will never see in your government school textbook. Various areas of science are explored including Physics, the Universe, our Solar System, Geology, Radiometric and Carbon-14 dating, dinosaur fossils and humans, language, music, and race, and a very large section on ancient civilizations that, to this very day, still defy our comprehension.

All ancient civilizations tell of receiving great knowledge from beings from heaven (Gen. 6:1-5). In ancient Samaria (the oldest civilization), great knowledge sprang from nowhere, including written language, astronomy, chemistry, and mathematics. In the Sumerian myth, the god of water and wisdom (Gen. 1:1-5; Prov. 8), created man out of clay (Gen. 2:7-8), and the most powerful of gods, called Anu, was then superseded by a god called Enlil, the god of the air (Satan, Eph. 2:2; 2 Cor. 4:4). The oldest tablets found, dating to 2200 B.C. (CBM 13532), actually agree in great detail with the Genesis flood story of Noah. As mentioned already, in Bolivia, there was an ancient bowl (Fuente Magna Bowl), found at Tiahuanaco, which has ancient Sumerian cuneiform writing etched into it, and the god of that area (Viracocha), is pictured in statues at Tiahuanaco with a beard and mustache, similar to the men of Samaria on the other side of the world. These ancient “gods” had great knowledge and power, and ability to travel great distances, having come from the heavens. The clay cuneiform tablets found in the oldest Samaria site called Ur (Gen. 11:27ff), refer to a group of these heavenly gods called the Anunnaki, who possessed great power and knowledge (called the “Watchers” by the Egyptians). They are said to have had the ability to genetically alter humans—to cross breed them for the purpose of creating giants to perform hard work. In the 1927 excavation of Ur was discovered the remains of the queen, also known as the priestess (Queen Puabi). Her head is described as a “giant.” Her skull was elongated, just as those found in Peru at Tiahuanaco.

Plato, in 360 B.C. wrote of the great city of Atlantis from before the flood of Noah. The Greek texts record that a being from heaven (called Poseidon), took a woman as his wife, had children by her, and founded Atlantis (Gen. 6:1-5).

Ancient Japan records beings from heaven called Dogu, who brought with them great knowledge, language, and building techniques. Jimmu (660 B.C.), the great one who established Japan, is said to have come from heaven.

The Hopi Indians, from Arizona, use Kachina dolls which are representations of beings from heaven. Their creator god Masau’u, came from the heavens with great knowledge and power. Their settlements at Black Mesa are arranged in a pattern which matches the constellation of Orion’s belt, just like the great pyramids of Egypt, and the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan, in Mexico, which dates to 3,114 B.C., is one of the largest cities in the ancient world. Its pyramids are laid out in the pattern of Orion’s belt, just as the pyramids of Egypt, and the Hopi Indians of America at Black Mesa. The origin of the power to build the city with knowledge of the heavens is attributed to winged serpent gods.