Revelation, Apostasy, End-Times & “This Generation”

This book examines many understandings and misunderstandings in the Revelation of John. Issues include the timing of the Rapture, the purpose of the Millennium (including babies being born into the millennium, and blood sacrifices being performed, even though Jesus is on the throne in His millennial temple), and meanings of all the various symbols used in the Revelation. This book goes verse-by-verse through the Revelation, and directs us to the Old and New Testament associated scriptures. There are sections on the Zodiac, Prophecies (including the Seven Feasts of Israel), and also a section on Death and our Final State.

Revelation 12:1: This chapter is a summary of the story of our creation, Israel, and Christ. It starts at creation, where all souls are created (heaven/Eden), and concludes with the end-time events. Note that Satan is pictured here in heaven/Eden (Gen. 3:1-5; Isa. 14:12-19; Ezek. 28:12-19; 31; Rev. 12:3,).

Here, a woman is also pictured in heaven. Some believe the woman represents the church. Catholics believe the woman represents Mary. Others believe the woman is Israel. Here, the woman in heaven has aspects of all of these.

The woman is actually the representation of all the betrothed (the host of heaven–most of which will eventually become the bride of Christ–note Genesis 2:1 tells us all the host of both heaven and earth are finished at the end of the creation–day 6). The twelve stars represent the total number of the host of heaven (Gen. 2:1; Job 38:1-7; Matt. 26:53 – twelve is the Hebrew number for fullness – the full number – Ezek. 47:22 – those who trust in Jesus will be restored to Israel, the twelve tribes). The twelve stars (host of heaven), are reflected in this age by the twelve tribes of Israel, each of which is assigned a sign of the Zodiac (Gen. 37:9-10).

The woman (the host of heaven–the betrothed), is protected and enlightened by God (sunlight – Ps. 104:2). The moon represents false religion (Babylon, Islam, etc.), and the woman (the host of heaven–the betrothed), is standing on the false religion. The crown is “royal/elaborate.”

As we read in the next few verses, one-third of these stars (host of heaven), are deceived by Satan (just like Adam and Eve), and are cast to the earth (just like Adam and Eve–Rom. 5:12-21–see book The Flat Earth & Genesis. Two-thirds of the host remain as God’s bride to become part of His wife at the great wedding supper (Rev. 19). These are our brethren (Rev. 12:10).

Some of these fallen stars continue to follow Satan (Jude 6).

Some of these fallen stars (stars of the woman which are cast to earth), will become Israel (Rev. 12:4), to accomplish God’s plan of reconciliation. The fallen stars (now flesh beings just like Adam and Eve), must be “born again” and develop a relationship with Jesus (John 3:1-7), be reconciled, (becoming part of the host again – Ezek. 47:21-23; Rom. 11:17-24). The reconciled bride will take part in the marriage (Rev. 19). Those who do not love Jesus will remain as the harlot, and be divorced; separated out at the resurrection (26, 27).