Music – “The Journey”

by Linda Coolidge

This CD includes two versions of the song:

  1. With vocals
  2. Accompaniment version for soloists

This Christmas song tells the beautiful story of God’s love for us through the blessed birth of our Savior,  Jesus Christ.  The vocals are performed by gospel singer Linda Coolidge.  Her pure-sounding voice and seasoned walk with God add a rich texture evoking a strong passion for the message of the song.  Linda comes from an extremely gifted musical family, as one of her sisters is a well-known singer/artist, Rita Coolidge. Her other sister, Priscilla, is a performing artist, as well.   Their father, the late Dick Coolidge was a well-beloved evangelist.

The accompaniment, arrangement and production of the song were done by Thomas Ganoung, professional pianist.  Tom has toured with Hall & Oates, as well as Mr. Mister.  Tom’s solo CD “Childhood Promise” and two collaborative works “Laughter in the River” and “Redwood Aire” have been well-received by the music industry.


Listen to a sample with vocals by Linda Coolidge

Listen to instrumental sample