God’s Plan – Satan’s Plan

What a bombshell! Right from the very first chapter, the answers to the questions concerning evil, suffering, and tragedy are clearly answered, and answered from a biblical background. This book attacks it all: An overview of the two creation accounts from the correct biblical view—predestination and original sin are examined and cleared up for our understanding. Discover the true meaning of the Zodiac and the Queen of Heaven (the moon goddess). Historical accounts of the Exodus and Christ’s birth date are examined. A clear presentation of the Trinity from Scripture is presented. Deceptions are explored, including Islam’s prophecy for the end times (which by the way we are now in according to their end time beliefs). Discover the true meaning behind Marriage and Divorce, and why God allows divorce (very reluctantly). Simply ask your non-believing friend, or one who is in a false religion to read chapter one—just chapter one. Don’t worry, God will reveal Himself by the end of Chapter one.

Every day, someone asks the question: “Why does a loving God allow tragedy and suffering to occur?” Everyday a baby dies, someone contracts cancer, a major event (like a fire, earthquake, tornado, or some other natural disaster takes place, where people are killed), or a plane, or bus, or train crashes. So, should God intervene? Why exactly does God allow tragedy and suffering to occur? And, there is another question which hardly anyone asks: “Why does God allow Satan control over this world?” The response that: “God allows Satan to control this world, so that we will be forced to make a freewill choice between God and Satan” doesn’t match with Scripture, because: A) God does not tempt anyone (James 1:13— God does test the saved, but tempts no one), and, B) God does the leading—no one seeks after God—we don’t “choose” God, He chooses us (Psalm 14:1-3; John 15:16). So, there must be another reason God allows Satan to control this world (age).