Family Radio MP3 Interview

Prison Bars

Pastor Gerry was interviewed on recently by Family Radio, in Oakland, California concerning the Jail & Prison Ministry. Click on the Link below!

Donations provide FREE books and Studies to inmates in Jails and Prisons all over the United States. Target Truth Ministries is an outreach of Crossroads Christian church, Ukiah, California. For every four books sold through Amazon, Barns & Noble, your local book store, or even this web site (paper back or e-book). Our ministry is able to send one book to an inmate anywhere in the United States. It costs about $3 a month (about $35 a year), to provide weekly studies (called “Virtual Chapels” to inmates, plus a free book once a year. All donations go to provide for expenses, printing, copying, envelopes, postage, and books. No funds are used for wages or salary–all labor is volunteer. Praise God for His Word!!! Donate Here. Thank you for your continued support.