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    Inmate encounter here at Mendo Jail – Four weeks ago, as I usually do each week, I was going to each and every cell and personally delivering my weekly “Virtual Chapel” message from God’s Word.  A young man, who just came in, rejected my hand-out because he said he was Jewish—his family was very orthodox.  I responded that I worship a Jewish Rabbi, and said if he wanted to he could contact me about this Rabbi, and I left him alone.  The next week I was delivering my messages again to each cell, and he said he would try one.  The very next day, he called me over to his cell when I was in his mod, and he began asking me questions about the Bible.  I equipped him with about seven more of my Virtual Chapels on the ministry of Jesus (this is the beauty of God’s plan for me to write down my messages… as often I only have a few minutes with an inmate, which is too little time to have a real dialogue—but enough time to determine their questions and needs).  This last week, I cannot go into the mod he is in without having a deep meaningful discussion.  He is on fire!  And, he told me that he has been sharing his new relationship with Jesus with his parents, uncles and aunts and other Jewish family friends—and he said they are actually listening!  Amazing how God works.  It took a young man in jail to reach into the orthodox community here locally. Read More

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    Letter from Ione prison:

    Pastor Gerry, please add me to your mailing list.  I came across one of your messages here, and got your address from another inmate doing time here who also gets your weekly messages.  I am a 52 year old African American raised in central L.A.  I am one of the CRIP gang founding members (Crips / Bloods), drug user, and law breaker.  I am serving 36 to life.  I am blessed to be allowed to pay for my crimes by serving time…yes, blessed.  I am totally free in Christ now.  I believe there is a hell, and I believe there is a place for us in heaven if we surrender to Jesus.  Your messages help us here in our deeper understanding of God’s Word and His purpose for us. Read More

  • Inmate Letter, Richmond Texas

    Dear Pastor Gerry…my name is… I’ve been here in prison for 5 years now…I was in the 7th grade when I started drinking and dropped out of school and got into crime.  When I started this I laughed at those people who were doped up and homeless.  Losers, I called them.  Within a year I was one of them…sleeping anywhere from Mississippi to California…going from one rehab to another…one job to another, just getting enough money to go back to the dope.  I started reading your Virtual Chapels another inmate here gets, and I, for the first time, began to see hope for another life…in Christ of course.  I’m writing you to get on your mailing list.  I’ve never shared my life story with anyone before, but I’m beginning to see that it could help other young people out. Read More

  • Jail & Prison Inmate Letter: July 2014

    From California State Prison Chowchilla –
    Dear Pastor Gerry…
    My name is….I’m a lifer here…and one of the other men here passed on one of your books to me…the teachings are awesome! I’ve shared your teachings with others here. Your book has helped me and my roommates understand Bible doctrine…to look around us in this world and see Satan’s power here. Thank you for giving us the “meat and potatoes.” The book and studies are very detailed—great! Can you visit us…we are in need of a spiritual revival. I do not know of any other authors who put the Word of God in a simplified manner that is easy for all of us to understand. We (my roommates) prefer your books and the studies you send us over all the other studies we get. Please keep us on your list…and can you add me to your mailing list of Virtual Chapels? May the Lord bless your ministry—In Jesus name I pray…. Read More

  • Jail & Prison Inmate Letter: May 2014

    Inmate letter from High Desert State Prison
    Dear Chaplain Gerry…
    another inmate here told me about your book God’s Plan/Satan’s Plan, and at first when he tried to explain some of the content my defenses went up, and I became closed minded. But, this guy said that he had met you in jail and he encouraged me to just read a couple of your Virtual Chapels, and then if I was interested, to read just the first chapter of your book. I’ll have to admit, once I started to read your book, I couldn’t put it down. To say another spiritual mystery has been revealed would be an understatement. I checked and rechecked and realized what you were writing agreed completely with the Bible. The “ahas” were astounding. “No wonder” I would run over to the other guys and share how God was opening my eyes—I see whole passages in the Bible in a brand new light. My wife is also now understanding clearly about suffering in this life as well. After all these years in prison, I’m getting out in 38 days, and now I finally see the truth. I truly hope to stay in touch with you, as what you have to say needs to be spread. Read More

  • Jail & Prison Inmate Letter: April 2014

    Inmate letter from Lakeport Jail –
    Dear Pastor Gerry Burney…First of all I want to thank you for writing one of the best spiritual books that I have ever read… “The Flat Earth & Genesis.”  I’m xx years old and have been in prison for over 20 years.  I’ve never picked up a Bible before, but if you could, could you send me a Bible which can help me study.  I have one request for the salvation of my soul.  Thank you in advance, and thank you for your writings…    (We sent him a Bible, and let him know that all I do is comment on God’s Word…It is God’s Word which convicts…I’m only a mailmen—and all of you who support this ministry are part of this commentary getting into prisons all over the U.S.—thank you and praise God!). Read More