End Times

  • The Third Temple… And, Then The 4th! A Prophecy From John?

    The Third Temple… And, Then The 4th!
    A Prophecy From John?
    Daniel 9:27;  Revelation 11:1-2
    (Part  1)
    Are we about to see prophecy from the Bible fulfilled soon?  God had John write in Revelation 11:1-2, that when the temple sits on the Temple Mount (the holy site in Jerusalem) that John was not to count the Gentile court.  In other words, those in the immediate Temple area are to be recognized as part of the kingdom of God, but those in the court just beyond the immediate area of the Temple were to be left out.  There is no temple for Israel today on the “Holy Mountain” (supposedly the Temple Mount) in Jerusalem.  So, this reference to a temple must refer to a future temple which will be built on the holy Mountain—essentially a prophecy that a third temple will exist just before the end of days.  The assumption is that the Holy site for the temple is on what is traditionally known as the Temple Mount—where the Muslim Dome of the Rock is now located.
    As it turns out, many Jewish leaders today state that in order for the new Jewish temple to be built, that there will be no area available for the “Gentile court,” as the existing Muslim Mosque (the Dome of the Rock), is supposedly located where the Court of Gentiles would normally be located. Read More

  • The Last Chopper Out

    The  Last  Chopper  Out
    Memorial Day / Noah & the Flood / End Times
    Genesis 7:11-16; Hebrews 11:7
    This weekend we are celebrating Memorial Day.  This is a very special day for Americans, especially for those who either served in the military, or know of someone who did, or does.  I want to share with you a story about Vietnam—the war I was in.  I call it, The Last Chopper Out.  The one major image that we in Vietnam had, was of choppers, or helicopters.  Vietnam was the first war which used the chopper a lot, carrying troops in and out of battle, evacuating the wounded, evacuating troops and civilians in overrun areas where the enemy was closing in.  The chopper was used for anything and everything.  Up until I was 57 years old, I would still fly in choppers to emergency hot-spots…but, I don’t like them.  They shake, they rattle, they sometimes quit flying and drop to the ground.  I can remember flying in one in Vietnam, and bolts falling out of the roof on me.  Let’s just say that I felt a lot safer on the ground.
    I wanted to live, and, staying out of a chopper (as much as possible), seemed to me the better choice.  But, if I had to die, I knew I wanted to go to heaven.  I think most people want to go to heaven—not hell.  I wonder, how many people actually take any time to prepare to meet God? The military is all about being prepared—prepared to fight evil, the aggressor, those who would harm us. Read More

  • Jesus Wept – Would Jesus weep today?

    Prophecies of the two visits
    Daniel 9:25-26; Luke 19:41-44

    In Luke 19:41-44 we read of Jesus weeping over God’s chosen (Israel), because they did not recognize Jesus as their long awaited Savior. The Messiah was foretold in the prophecy of Daniel 9:24-26 – the prophecy of His coming the first time. Jesus was made known to all, as the Messiah – the long awaited king, upon His arrival at Passover (when He was to be killed). This occurred exactly, to the very day, as recorded here in Daniel 9, over 500 years before Jesus was born, and confirmed by science in writings, dating to 200 years before Jesus was born (the Dead Sea Scrolls). Sir Robert Anderson, in 1894, in his work “The Coming Prince,” calculated the exact number of days in 69 weeks of years (69×7 years—the Hebrew prophets used a day to refer to a year in God’s prophecies—Num. 14:34; Ezek. 4:6). The number of days as calculated from knowing the date of the decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Dan. 9:25; Neh. 2:1-10, which dates to March 14, 445 B.C. per the decree of Artaxerxes), to the Passover week at which Jesus was killed, including all the leap years, and leap days, etc., totals 173,880 days. This prophecy was fulfilled exactly, to the very day, when Jesus died for us as the Lamb of God on April 6th, 32 A.D. on our modern calendar, which was a Wednesday (not Friday as tradition holds—see the book “Revelation, Apostasy, End Times & This Generation”—The Feasts of Israel). Read More