Gerry Burney

  • Other Sheep

    “Other Sheep” Not of “This Sheepfold” (Pen)
    Who are these “other” sheep?
    Psalm 23; John 10:1-18; Revelation 12:1-4
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    There are many references in God’s Word to sheep, especially lost sheep. In the ancient world, and still in some parts of the world today, a public sheepfold (pen) is used at night, after the sheep have grazed all day. The sheepfold could be formed by rock walls, natural dirt levees, fencing, or any combination of these, to hold the sheep in. In the evening, all the shepherds who live in that town would bring their sheep to the public sheepfold, and turn them in for the night. They would entrust them to the porter, or watchman, who operated the sheepfold. The shepherd would leave the sheep in the sheepfold, and the sheep remained in the pen, behind the porter. There is not a door, as we envision a door today. The porter would block the entrance, protecting the sheep from robbers or strangers. The porter became the door. The porter would even lie across the opening of the sheepfold so the sheep could not get out, and robbers could not get in. Then, the shepherds would go home for the night. The next morning, the shepherds would return, and call their sheep out. Calling the sheep out sounds simple, but we need to recognize that all the sheep, from all the shepherds, are all mixed together for the night in the sheepfold. Read More

  • Jail & Prison Inmate Letter: July 2014

    From California State Prison Chowchilla –
    Dear Pastor Gerry…
    My name is….I’m a lifer here…and one of the other men here passed on one of your books to me…the teachings are awesome! I’ve shared your teachings with others here. Your book has helped me and my roommates understand Bible doctrine…to look around us in this world and see Satan’s power here. Thank you for giving us the “meat and potatoes.” The book and studies are very detailed—great! Can you visit us…we are in need of a spiritual revival. I do not know of any other authors who put the Word of God in a simplified manner that is easy for all of us to understand. We (my roommates) prefer your books and the studies you send us over all the other studies we get. Please keep us on your list…and can you add me to your mailing list of Virtual Chapels? May the Lord bless your ministry—In Jesus name I pray…. Read More

  • Jesus Wept – Would Jesus weep today?

    Prophecies of the two visits
    Daniel 9:25-26; Luke 19:41-44

    In Luke 19:41-44 we read of Jesus weeping over God’s chosen (Israel), because they did not recognize Jesus as their long awaited Savior. The Messiah was foretold in the prophecy of Daniel 9:24-26 – the prophecy of His coming the first time. Jesus was made known to all, as the Messiah – the long awaited king, upon His arrival at Passover (when He was to be killed). This occurred exactly, to the very day, as recorded here in Daniel 9, over 500 years before Jesus was born, and confirmed by science in writings, dating to 200 years before Jesus was born (the Dead Sea Scrolls). Sir Robert Anderson, in 1894, in his work “The Coming Prince,” calculated the exact number of days in 69 weeks of years (69×7 years—the Hebrew prophets used a day to refer to a year in God’s prophecies—Num. 14:34; Ezek. 4:6). The number of days as calculated from knowing the date of the decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Dan. 9:25; Neh. 2:1-10, which dates to March 14, 445 B.C. per the decree of Artaxerxes), to the Passover week at which Jesus was killed, including all the leap years, and leap days, etc., totals 173,880 days. This prophecy was fulfilled exactly, to the very day, when Jesus died for us as the Lamb of God on April 6th, 32 A.D. on our modern calendar, which was a Wednesday (not Friday as tradition holds—see the book “Revelation, Apostasy, End Times & This Generation”—The Feasts of Israel). Read More

  • FREAKS—Take Up Your Cross

    The Law & The Gospel of Grace
    Psalm 139:13-16; Matthew 16:24-27
    Any freaks out there? Some believe I’m a freak because I actually like to spend most of my time in the Bible and ministry. How weird can you get? The basic difference between a Christian and other people is that I (as a Christian), know I am a pitiful sinner and cursed by God because of my own personal sin (in other words—I deserve this life of suffering). Many other people just believe their problems are a result of bad decisions (maybe theirs, usually someone else’s), and that these problems can be dealt with and fixed by either themselves, or government, or something else within our human power to fix (in other words—they are being persecuted, many times for no good reason—and a good God would not allow this to happen…so they ignore God).
    Basically, the story of life is this: We all once had a great relationship with God in Paradise (Eden—Eph. 1:4-5, 11). Some, like me, decided to defy God, and we are now born into this world…to die (the 7 Day creation—this world—Gen. 2:17). In Eden we could only die spiritually—by being separated from God. We couldn’t die physically, because we all existed in supernatural eternal bodies, not subject to death. We were all created to live eternally. Adam and Eve are the examples given to us by God of this eternal existence in Eden. Read More

  • Index Fossils

    How are rock layers really dated? Not by radiometric dating as many assume. Radiometric dating is used to corroborate the “assumed” age, after an age has been assigned. The rock layers are originally dated by the “index fossils” found in them. Radiometric dating gives such a wide range of ages that it can only be used after the general age has been already identified. Index fossils are fossils not observed very often in other layers of rock. 99% of fossils are found commonly in many rock layers, whereas there are a few rare fossils that are mostly confined to a single rock layer (although they can be observed in layers earlier and later in presumed age as well). If one finds an “index fossil,” then they assume that layer dates to the age of that fossil. So, how are these fossils dated? The truth is that it is evolutionary “theory” which is used to date these fossils, not the rocks they are found in. The rocks are dated by the index fossils which are theorized to have evolved in a certain age. There is no way of dating fossils, or rocks, with any reasonable accuracy. In fact, when mDNA (mitochondrial DNA passed down through generations only by the female), is available to be used as a dating technique by comparing it to mutation rates through time, it has been found that actual scientific evidence points to a young age, and no long ages of evolution are shown for various life forms. Read More

  • Weeds

    WEEDS – Deception of the Host in
    Eden & The Harvest of Evil First in the End Times
    Genesis 6:1-7;  Matthew 13:24-30, and 36-43
    Jesus, in Matthew 13, gives us seven parables which represent a picture of time, from Jesus spreading the Word 2,000 years ago (the first parable), to the harvest of souls at the end of the age, the judgment of God (the seventh parable).  Today, we will explore the second  parable – parable two of seven.
    First, however, we should note some things about Jesus’ ministry, before we explore these parables.  Note in Matthew 13:1-2, that this is when Jesus changes His direction.  Up until now, His word was for the nation of Israel.  But, here in Matthew 13:1, it says that Jesus goes out of the house (Israel – Matt. 11:20), and goes to the sea (“lake” in some translations, meaning to “all the nations” – Rev. 17:15).  The phrase “went out of the house” is seen by Jewish scholars to mean Jesus left the Jewish household, and went to the lake or sea (the sea is the preferred translation), and “sea” is a metaphor for nations and peoples.  Jesus is seen as now taking His message to all peoples. Read More

  • Jail & Prison Inmate Letter: May 2014

    Inmate letter from High Desert State Prison
    Dear Chaplain Gerry…
    another inmate here told me about your book God’s Plan/Satan’s Plan, and at first when he tried to explain some of the content my defenses went up, and I became closed minded. But, this guy said that he had met you in jail and he encouraged me to just read a couple of your Virtual Chapels, and then if I was interested, to read just the first chapter of your book. I’ll have to admit, once I started to read your book, I couldn’t put it down. To say another spiritual mystery has been revealed would be an understatement. I checked and rechecked and realized what you were writing agreed completely with the Bible. The “ahas” were astounding. “No wonder” I would run over to the other guys and share how God was opening my eyes—I see whole passages in the Bible in a brand new light. My wife is also now understanding clearly about suffering in this life as well. After all these years in prison, I’m getting out in 38 days, and now I finally see the truth. I truly hope to stay in touch with you, as what you have to say needs to be spread. Read More

  • Jail & Prison Inmate Letter: April 2014

    Inmate letter from Lakeport Jail –
    Dear Pastor Gerry Burney…First of all I want to thank you for writing one of the best spiritual books that I have ever read… “The Flat Earth & Genesis.”  I’m xx years old and have been in prison for over 20 years.  I’ve never picked up a Bible before, but if you could, could you send me a Bible which can help me study.  I have one request for the salvation of my soul.  Thank you in advance, and thank you for your writings…    (We sent him a Bible, and let him know that all I do is comment on God’s Word…It is God’s Word which convicts…I’m only a mailmen—and all of you who support this ministry are part of this commentary getting into prisons all over the U.S.—thank you and praise God!). Read More