Gerry Burney

  • Inmate Letter

    Letter from Ione prison:

    Pastor Gerry, please add me to your mailing list.  I came across one of your messages here, and got your address from another inmate doing time here who also gets your weekly messages.  I am a 52 year old African American raised in central L.A.  I am one of the CRIP gang founding members (Crips / Bloods), drug user, and law breaker.  I am serving 36 to life.  I am blessed to be allowed to pay for my crimes by serving time…yes, blessed.  I am totally free in Christ now.  I believe there is a hell, and I believe there is a place for us in heaven if we surrender to Jesus.  Your messages help us here in our deeper understanding of God’s Word and His purpose for us. Read More

  • The Last Chopper Out

    The  Last  Chopper  Out
    Memorial Day / Noah & the Flood / End Times
    Genesis 7:11-16; Hebrews 11:7
    This weekend we are celebrating Memorial Day.  This is a very special day for Americans, especially for those who either served in the military, or know of someone who did, or does.  I want to share with you a story about Vietnam—the war I was in.  I call it, The Last Chopper Out.  The one major image that we in Vietnam had, was of choppers, or helicopters.  Vietnam was the first war which used the chopper a lot, carrying troops in and out of battle, evacuating the wounded, evacuating troops and civilians in overrun areas where the enemy was closing in.  The chopper was used for anything and everything.  Up until I was 57 years old, I would still fly in choppers to emergency hot-spots…but, I don’t like them.  They shake, they rattle, they sometimes quit flying and drop to the ground.  I can remember flying in one in Vietnam, and bolts falling out of the roof on me.  Let’s just say that I felt a lot safer on the ground.
    I wanted to live, and, staying out of a chopper (as much as possible), seemed to me the better choice.  But, if I had to die, I knew I wanted to go to heaven.  I think most people want to go to heaven—not hell.  I wonder, how many people actually take any time to prepare to meet God? The military is all about being prepared—prepared to fight evil, the aggressor, those who would harm us. Read More

  • Two Creation Accounts – Error, or Fact ?

    In Acts & Facts, September 2015, Dr. Lisle, Ph.D. Astrophysics, attempts to blend the two creation accounts into a single account by making two arguments to justify this union.  Both arguments fail to justify blending together the two accounts and placing the Eden account into day 6 of the 7-day account.
    The premise of the arguments are that if the two accounts are determined to be different, then one of them must be in error—the Bible must be incorrect.   Or, if the two accounts are determined to be separate, then the fear is that people might accept the gap between them to account for macro-evolution to occur. These attempts to blend the two accounts together are the result of trying to defend the Bible (a noble thing), but ignoring the numerous differences between these two accounts.  In order to protect the Bible, and the Christian understanding that there cannot be any macro-evolution, many Christians have adopted the position that the Eden account must take place during day 6 of the 7-day account.  For numerous reasons, this is false.
    Specifically, the arguments presented in the article are: The first argument concerns whether plants, or man, was created first (plants first in the 7-day event, and man first in the Eden event).  In the Eden account, when the text states that no plants existed, Dr. Lisle makes the argument that this is a reference to cultivated plants only…not to all plants. Read More

  • Rule No. 2

    Rule Number 2
    Would Jesus attend a Gay Marriage Ceremony?
    Isaiah 6:8-13; Matthew 22:36-40
    Let’s ask a question today to help us understand why the church that holds to the Bible seems to be being reduced, slowly but surely, to a remnant. Would Jesus attend a gay marriage ceremony? Of course He would! Read Isaiah 6:8, and Matthew 22:36-40. Just like the passage in Isaiah 6:8, Jesus would say: “Send me!”—Send me to love the people! But, before we ask: “What would Jesus do?”…we must first consider exactly what Jesus actually did. In other words, when Jesus dealt with the lives of sinners, what exactly was His purpose, and how did He interact with us sinners? Again, Isaiah 6:8, and Matthew 22:36-40—Send me to love the people—I’ll go! Now, for those of us who want to be Christ-like, should we attend a gay ceremony if invited? In this message today, we will discuss “Rule number two.” Rule number one is to love God, and rule number two is to love each other (Matt. 22:36-40).
    It must first be said, that God created each of us exactly as He intended to create us (Psalm 139:13-16; Eph. 1:4-5, 11). This means whether one feels heterosexual, or homosexual, that one is designed by God in a specific way (Of course, sometimes social conditions, or worldly conditions, influence our feelings after we are born—this does happen, and this is man’s doing, not God’s intent). Either way, the real issue is not being gay, or straight–God loves us all. Read More


    Were we once with God…before being lost?
    Isiah 53:6-7; Luke 15
    Target Truth     Pastor Gerry
    All of us who are Christians, and, most all religious people, believe in, and speculate about, what life will be like after we die to these bodies. Christians believe in eternal life, either in heaven/Paradise, or hell.   Many religions that are not Christian (such as Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witness’s, and Islam), also believe in a heaven and a hell — or a kind of hell. And some religions believe in reincarnation (coming back to this world to suffer more pain and death), either as a plant, an animal, or a human — depending upon the religion.
    Of course, only Christians have the evidence of actual power over life and death. This evidence was given to us by Jesus when He rose from the dead, just as He predicted in Matthew 12:39-40. And then, after rising from the dead, Jesus appeared to His followers to prove He was alive (alive and transformed into a different kind of being), able to materialize through doors and walls (John 20:19 & 26), and able to rise into the air (Acts 1:9-11). Christ knew we were doubters, and that is why He didn’t just appear to His disciples, and then go off into His kingdom. Read More

  • Inmate Letter, Richmond Texas

    Dear Pastor Gerry…my name is… I’ve been here in prison for 5 years now…I was in the 7th grade when I started drinking and dropped out of school and got into crime.  When I started this I laughed at those people who were doped up and homeless.  Losers, I called them.  Within a year I was one of them…sleeping anywhere from Mississippi to California…going from one rehab to another…one job to another, just getting enough money to go back to the dope.  I started reading your Virtual Chapels another inmate here gets, and I, for the first time, began to see hope for another life…in Christ of course.  I’m writing you to get on your mailing list.  I’ve never shared my life story with anyone before, but I’m beginning to see that it could help other young people out. Read More

  • Dragons, Dinosaurs & Humans

    Dragons, Dinosaurs & Humans

    Dragons, Dinosaurs, & Humans
    What is really the myth?
    Genesis 1:20-25;  Romans 1:20-25
    Science…What is Science?
         February 28th is “Science Day” for most of the world.  But, not in America.  In America, Science Day is November 9th.   Science Day did not begin in America…but in India, in 1928, in honor of Physicist Dr. Raman.  Dr. Raman made the discovery of what is known as the “Raman Effect,” where photons of light were shown to scatter—or be separated.  On this day each year, I think it is good to reflect on exactly how we determine what is real and true “Science,” and what is only theory and belief.  Real and true science requires hard evidence which can be tested and verified.  Theories are fine, but until they are supported with hard evidence which can be tested and verified, they remain only theories and beliefs.  Dr. Raman’s theories were tested and verified, and he won the Noble Prize for his work.  Today, in the world, many theories have been elevated to scientific fact even though they cannot be tested or verified.  One of these areas of science concerns life, and long time periods for evolution, as opposed to life being created, and not needing long time periods.
    What the Bible says:
    Creation of “whales”:
    Genesis 1:20-23     DAY 5 
         The word “whales,” used in the King James version of the Bible, is the Hebrew word for “monster,” or “dragon. Read More