Gerry Burney

  • Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations


    Did you know that there is actually a lot of evidence to support a sudden burst of creation?
    “SCIENCE, ORIGINS, & ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS” by Pastor Gerry Burney is a must have for any student of science and the Bible in his or her search for truth. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggest evolution, from one life form into another (Also known as Macro-Evolution) could NEVER happen!
    Within the pages of this book together we will explore evidences that have been hidden from the government school textbooks.
    The answers are found in our past. Ancient Civilizations including; Ancient Samaria, Plato in 360 BC, Ancient Japan, the Teotihuacan culture in Mexico, AND MORE! All of these reveal the truths that go against the Macro-Evolution agenda. After reading these compelling evidences you won’t be able to look at the earth the same again. We live in an amazing time: a time of technology, a time of unveiled history, and a time of CHOICE.
    In the age of information, ignorance IS a choice. Read More

  • Final States

    The True Life is the Next Life
    Everyone will die (Heb. 9:27), but everyone will also live forever – there.  Where is “there?”  It all depends upon your relationship with Jesus (John 14:6; Acts 4:12).
    Jesus actually spoke more of hell, than of heaven.  Jesus is very concerned with our final destiny.  We are all born with a ticket to hell (John 3:18). Is there anyone who doesn’t want to exchange it?
    All will be called to salvation by the gospel, the Good News of Jesus, the Christ (Matt. 13:1-23, 22:9-10, 24:14, 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:45-48; John 1:6-9; Acts 13:47; Rom. 10:14-21, 16:25-26;  1 Peter 4:17; Rev. 20:6).  Some will accept the gift, and some will DENY Christ.
    The English Bible refers to the place of the dead as “hell.”  This is very misleading.  In Hebrew, the word translated as hell is Sheol.  In the Greek it is Hades.  In the Bible, Sheol, or Hades, is a place of sleep, rest, and waiting for the resurrection and the judgment, not hell, as we think of it today in the west.  A few saints were predestined by God to be raptured (taken to heaven), and are not waiting in Hades (Deut. 34:1-8; Matt. 17:3).   It is tradition that either Moses was raptured like Elijah, or he was resurrected to accomplish God’s plan (Rom. 8:28-29; Jude 9).  However, most are not to be raised immediately.  Most sleep in Hades, awaiting the resurrection of the masses when Christ returns (Gen. 37:35; Psalms 16:9-10,  139:8; Dan. 12:2; Acts 2:27-31, 13:36; Rev. Read More

  • Social Justice, True Love & Social Responsibility

    Health Care & College Education?
    Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Matthew 22:37-40

    Why is there suffering and tragedy in the world when God is said to be so loving, and when God Himself declared the creation to be “Very Good” (Gen. 1:31)? The book “Eden to Evil” gives the answers to these questions and many more that have plagued and confused our church leaders for generations.
    Because suffering, tragedy, and inequality are part of our lives, God gave us guidelines to follow—Social Justice guidelines—but once again, mankind is distorting the Bible AND God’s teachings.
    What exactly is “Social Justice?” Social Justice is an obligation that we, as individuals are admonished to do… to share love, concern, and care for those less fortunate in this life. How we accomplish this (whether through individual effort, or through governmental action), is the challenge every society grapples with. Social justice is showing true love, and actually taking responsibility for our actions toward others. Should we ignore those in need, or care for them as we are able. Some consider social justice to be a right to be enjoyed by those less fortunate…meaning that there are minimal obligations that individuals and society must meet in order to be humane. Some consider social justice to be a responsibility…meaning that individuals and society must care for those in need.
    Each individual must determine exactly what is the minimal standard necessary to care for those in need. Read More

  • Dragons, Dinosaurs & Humans

    Dragons, Dinosaurs, & Humans
    What is really the myth?
    Genesis 1:20-25;  Romans 1:20-25
    Science…What is Science?
         February 28th is “Science Day” for most of the world.  But, not in America.  In America, Science Day is November 9th.   Science Day did not begin in America…but in India, in 1928, in honor of Physicist Dr. Raman.  Dr. Raman made the discovery of what is known as the “Raman Effect,” where photons of light were shown to scatter—or be separated.  On this day each year, I think it is good to reflect on exactly how we determine what is real and true “Science,” and what is only theory and belief.  Real and true science requires hard evidence which can be tested and verified.  Theories are fine, but until they are supported with hard evidence which can be tested and verified, they remain only theories and beliefs.  Dr. Raman’s theories were tested and verified, and he won the Noble Prize for his work.  Today, in the world, many theories have been elevated to scientific fact even though they cannot be tested or verified.  One of these areas of science concerns life, and long time periods for evolution, as opposed to life being created, and not needing long time periods.
    What the Bible says:
    Creation of “whales”:
    Genesis 1:20-23     DAY 5 
         The word “whales,” used in the King James version of the Bible, is the Hebrew word for “monster,” or “dragon. Read More

  • Satan’s Deception

    Satan’s  Deception  
    Are we part of the 1/3rd ?
    Were we in EDEN ?
    Ezekiel 31;  Revelation 12:1-4
    Who are Adam (mankind), and Eve (womankind) in Eden?
    Among the most misunderstood verses in the Bible are Revelation 12:1-4.  There are several understandings of just what this woman in heaven, and these symbols around her, represent.  Revelation Chapter 12 is a summary of events beginning with our creation in heaven…then, describing our fall (the one-third)…then the formation of nations here on earth (including Israel)…then the birth of Christ…then the continuing battle in heaven between the remaining two-thirds along with Michael, and Satan and his angels (Rev. 12:7-9)…and finally concluding with the end times effort of Satan to battle the children of God left on the earth (Rev. 12:17, 18:23)—All this history summed up in this one chapter.
    In addition to this woman and the host of creation, Satan is pictured here in heaven/Eden/Paradise (Rev. 12:3; Ezek. 31), trying to set up his own kingdom which is opposed to God.
    Some believe the woman represents the church of all ages (Isa. 54:5-6; Ezek. 47:21-23; Hosea 2:18-20; John 3:28-29; 2 Corin. 11:2; Eph. 5:25-32; Rev. 19:7-8).  Catholics believe the woman represents Mary—Jesus came from Mary. Read More

  • Inmate Letters…

    Inmate encounter here at Mendo Jail – Four weeks ago, as I usually do each week, I was going to each and every cell and personally delivering my weekly “Virtual Chapel” message from God’s Word.  A young man, who just came in, rejected my hand-out because he said he was Jewish—his family was very orthodox.  I responded that I worship a Jewish Rabbi, and said if he wanted to he could contact me about this Rabbi, and I left him alone.  The next week I was delivering my messages again to each cell, and he said he would try one.  The very next day, he called me over to his cell when I was in his mod, and he began asking me questions about the Bible.  I equipped him with about seven more of my Virtual Chapels on the ministry of Jesus (this is the beauty of God’s plan for me to write down my messages… as often I only have a few minutes with an inmate, which is too little time to have a real dialogue—but enough time to determine their questions and needs).  This last week, I cannot go into the mod he is in without having a deep meaningful discussion.  He is on fire!  And, he told me that he has been sharing his new relationship with Jesus with his parents, uncles and aunts and other Jewish family friends—and he said they are actually listening!  Amazing how God works.  It took a young man in jail to reach into the orthodox community here locally. Read More

  • One Father & Two Sons – The Prodigal One, & The Other One

    One Father & Two Sons – The Prodigal One,  & The Other One
    Proverbs 13:20-25; Luke 15:11-32
    Target Truth    Pastor  Gerry   Crossroads Church, Box 1533, Ukiah, Ca.  95482   707-467-8400
    God calls us, as Christians, to spread the Word—the truth of the Bible.  We don’t save anyone.  God will do the saving.  But, we are called to bring the Word to people (Rom.10:12-17).
    There is a story of a father who wanted to move this huge bolder away from his house.  He told his son to push on this huge bolder which was close to the house—push on it all day if necessary.  The boy pushed and pushed.  He couldn’t move it.  So, the boy tried the next day, and the day after that.  The boy didn’t want to disappoint his father.  But, after several days of pushing, the son came to the father and apologized, because he failed to move the boulder.  His father looked at him, and praised him.  All the father asked, was for the boy to push on it.  The father didn’t expect him to move it—just push on it.  Sometimes, we get ahead of God, just as this boy got ahead of his father.  God calls us, as Christians, to spread the Word.  God will do the convicting.
    In Luke 15:11-32, we find Jesus giving us a parable of:  
    1) A lost son,
    2) Another son who is loyal,
    3) and a father (who doesn’t fit the traditions of the Jewish culture). Read More

  • The Third Temple… And, Then The 4th! A Prophecy From John?

    The Third Temple… And, Then The 4th!
    A Prophecy From John?
    Daniel 9:27;  Revelation 11:1-2
    (Part  1)
    Are we about to see prophecy from the Bible fulfilled soon?  God had John write in Revelation 11:1-2, that when the temple sits on the Temple Mount (the holy site in Jerusalem) that John was not to count the Gentile court.  In other words, those in the immediate Temple area are to be recognized as part of the kingdom of God, but those in the court just beyond the immediate area of the Temple were to be left out.  There is no temple for Israel today on the “Holy Mountain” (supposedly the Temple Mount) in Jerusalem.  So, this reference to a temple must refer to a future temple which will be built on the holy Mountain—essentially a prophecy that a third temple will exist just before the end of days.  The assumption is that the Holy site for the temple is on what is traditionally known as the Temple Mount—where the Muslim Dome of the Rock is now located.
    As it turns out, many Jewish leaders today state that in order for the new Jewish temple to be built, that there will be no area available for the “Gentile court,” as the existing Muslim Mosque (the Dome of the Rock), is supposedly located where the Court of Gentiles would normally be located. Read More

  • Are “Angels” And Humans Somehow Related ?

    Are “Angels” And Humans Somehow Related ?
    “As for the mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand, and the seven golden lampstands:  the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.”
    Revelation 1:20.
    One of the issues which confuses, and clouds our understanding of God’s plan (the creation, the fall, the reconciliation, and the judgment), is our understanding of the term “angels,” and “man.”  Are we in any way related to the angels of God’s creation–the host of heaven?  Angels perform functions such as being messengers of God, and man was created to tend to God’s kingdom (the Garden of Eden).   So, angels and man were both created by God, both created eternal in the original creation (Gen. 2 & 3). However, God doesn’t actually define us as different beings.  The host of heaven include angels, but the term “host” is not limited to “angels” (Psalm 148:2).  Angels are messengers, and ambassadors, and the host are the “mass,” or “army of persons” (which includes messengers and ambassadors, etc.).  Actually, angels have many descriptions, just as man in this age has many functions—messengers, warriors, guardians, reapers, ministers, pastors, etc. Read More

  • Political Science…or…Political Science?

    Political Science…or…Political Science?

    Evolution, Global Warming, & GOD
    “Science Day” in America is November 9th.  In most of the world, “Science Day” is February 28th, to honor Physicist Dr. Raman.  Dr. Raman, from India, in 1928,  made the discovery of what is known as the “Raman Effect,” where photons of light were shown to scatter—or be separated.  What makes science science?  It doesn’t matter whether you are a person of faith in God, or an atheist…we all approach science with a worldview (paradigm).  Up until my mid-thirties, I trusted in science way more than Jesus.  My worldview (or paradigm of life), was shaped by the education I had received up to that time.  Academics can be very influential in a person’s life, because they speak with authority which comes from years of study.  I had graduated from college after attending several different colleges over a period of about 12 years, as well as having obtained a Federal Electronics License as a result of my military training.  I had learned to trust in science because of its validity, due to actual hard evidence.  I did not stop believing in Jesus…I just couldn’t reconcile how the Bible could be so different from science concerning origins.  Therefore, I never fully trusted in Jesus, or the Bible, and I never thought it important to be part of Christianity or any church.  I thought of the Bible as a philosophy of life…not as absolute truth.
    Science is rational and logical. Read More