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  • Dragons, Dinosaurs & Humans

    Dragons, Dinosaurs, & Humans
    What is really the myth?
    Genesis 1:20-25;  Romans 1:20-25
    Science…What is Science?
         February 28th is “Science Day” for most of the world.  But, not in America.  In America, Science Day is November 9th.   Science Day did not begin in America…but in India, in 1928, in honor of Physicist Dr. Raman.  Dr. Raman made the discovery of what is known as the “Raman Effect,” where photons of light were shown to scatter—or be separated.  On this day each year, I think it is good to reflect on exactly how we determine what is real and true “Science,” and what is only theory and belief.  Real and true science requires hard evidence which can be tested and verified.  Theories are fine, but until they are supported with hard evidence which can be tested and verified, they remain only theories and beliefs.  Dr. Raman’s theories were tested and verified, and he won the Noble Prize for his work.  Today, in the world, many theories have been elevated to scientific fact even though they cannot be tested or verified.  One of these areas of science concerns life, and long time periods for evolution, as opposed to life being created, and not needing long time periods.
    What the Bible says:
    Creation of “whales”:
    Genesis 1:20-23     DAY 5 
         The word “whales,” used in the King James version of the Bible, is the Hebrew word for “monster,” or “dragon. Read More