Two Creation Accounts – Error, or Fact ?

In Acts & Facts, September 2015, Dr. Lisle, Ph.D. Astrophysics, attempts to blend the two creation accounts into a single account by making two arguments to justify this union.  Both arguments fail to justify blending together the two accounts and placing the Eden account into day 6 of the 7-day account.

The premise of the arguments are that if the two accounts are determined to be different, then one of them must be in error—the Bible must be incorrect.   Or, if the two accounts are determined to be separate, then the fear is that people might accept the gap between them to account for macro-evolution to occur. These attempts to blend the two accounts together are the result of trying to defend the Bible (a noble thing), but ignoring the numerous differences between these two accounts.  In order to protect the Bible, and the Christian understanding that there cannot be any macro-evolution, many Christians have adopted the position that the Eden account must take place during day 6 of the 7-day account.  For numerous reasons, this is false.

Specifically, the arguments presented in the article are: The first argument concerns whether plants, or man, was created first (plants first in the 7-day event, and man first in the Eden event).  In the Eden account, when the text states that no plants existed, Dr. Lisle makes the argument that this is a reference to cultivated plants only…not to all plants.  The passage reads: “and no plant of the field and that no herb of the field had grown.”  The Strongs word definition of the Hebrew for “field” (sodeh), is #7704- flat country land-wild.  It is a real stretch to say that only cultivated plants are in the context here in Eden, when the context also refers to all the trees as well, not existing until man is first created.  The plain reading of the passage in the Eden account is that man was created before plants, including trees—and of course in the 7-day account, man and woman are created after plants, trees, birds, and animals.

The second argument made concerns whether animals and birds were created before, or after man (in the Eden event, man first…and in the 7-day event, birds on day 5, and animals mentioned on day 6 before man mentioned).  Even if we ignore that God wrote that the animals were created before man on day six, and assume that we don’t have to pay close attention to the order of events listed on the same day (day 6), this still doesn’t explain the birds being created on day 5, before man in the 7-day account.  In Eden, man is created first…then birds and animals.

These two arguments to justify blending the Eden account into day 6 of the 7-day account do not hold up.  And, further, I have listed numerous other arguments as to why these two creation accounts are in fact different—done deliberately by God for a purpose (see the book “Flat Earth & Genesis”).  Both of these two accounts are completely true.  God deliberately provided these two creations, with so many differences, so that we would recognize that they are in fact different, and have a different purpose.  There is no “gap” for evolution—I deal with the evolution issue in the book “Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations—Scientific Evidence Withheld from School Textbooks.”  Both of these books are also featured in two TV study series on YouTube.

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