Jail & Prison Inmate Letter: July 2014

From California State Prison Chowchilla –

Dear Pastor Gerry…
My name is….I’m a lifer here…and one of the other men here passed on one of your books to me…the teachings are awesome! I’ve shared your teachings with others here. Your book has helped me and my roommates understand Bible doctrine…to look around us in this world and see Satan’s power here. Thank you for giving us the “meat and potatoes.” The book and studies are very detailed—great! Can you visit us…we are in need of a spiritual revival. I do not know of any other authors who put the Word of God in a simplified manner that is easy for all of us to understand. We (my roommates) prefer your books and the studies you send us over all the other studies we get. Please keep us on your list…and can you add me to your mailing list of Virtual Chapels? May the Lord bless your ministry—In Jesus name I pray….

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