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  • Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations

    Science, Origins, & Ancient Civilizations

    SCIENCE, ORIGINS, & ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE WITHHELD FROM SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS Did you know that there is actually a lot of evidence to support a sudden burst of creation? “SCIENCE, ORIGINS, & ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS” by Pastor Gerry Burney is a must have for any student of science and the Bible in his or her search…Read More »
  • Final States

    Final States

    The True Life is the Next Life Everyone will die (Heb. 9:27), but everyone will also live forever – there.  Where is “there?”  It all depends upon your relationship with Jesus (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). Jesus actually spoke more of hell, than of heaven.  Jesus is very concerned with our final destiny.  We are all…Read More »
  • Social Justice, True Love & Social Responsibility

    Social Justice, True Love & Social Responsibility

    Health Care & College Education? Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Matthew 22:37-40 Why is there suffering and tragedy in the world when God is said to be so loving, and when God Himself declared the creation to be “Very Good” (Gen. 1:31)? The book “Eden to Evil” gives the answers to these questions and many more that have…Read More »
  • Dragons, Dinosaurs & Humans

    Dragons, Dinosaurs & Humans

    Dragons, Dinosaurs, & Humans What is really the myth? Genesis 1:20-25;  Romans 1:20-25 Science…What is Science?      February 28th is “Science Day” for most of the world.  But, not in America.  In America, Science Day is November 9th.   Science Day did not begin in America…but in India, in 1928, in honor of Physicist Dr. Raman. …Read More »
  • Inmate Letters…

    Inmate Letters…

    Inmate encounter here at Mendo Jail – Four weeks ago, as I usually do each week, I was going to each and every cell and personally delivering my weekly “Virtual Chapel” message from God’s Word.  A young man, who just came in, rejected my hand-out because he said he was Jewish—his family was very orthodox. …Read More »