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  • Final States

    Final States

    The True Life is the Next Life Everyone will die (Heb. 9:27), but everyone will also live forever – there.  Where is “there?”  It all depends upon your relationship with Jesus (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). Jesus actually spoke more of hell, than of heaven.  Jesus is very concerned with our final destiny.  We are all…Read More »
  • Social Justice, True Love & Social Responsibility

    Social Justice, True Love & Social Responsibility

    Health Care & College Education? Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Matthew 22:37-40 Why is there suffering and tragedy in the world when God is said to be so loving, and when God Himself declared the creation to be “Very Good” (Gen. 1:31)? The book “Eden to Evil” gives the answers to these questions and many more that have…Read More »
  • Dragons, Dinosaurs & Humans

    Dragons, Dinosaurs & Humans

    Dragons, Dinosaurs, & Humans What is really the myth? Genesis 1:20-25;  Romans 1:20-25 Science…What is Science?      February 28th is “Science Day” for most of the world.  But, not in America.  In America, Science Day is November 9th.   Science Day did not begin in America…but in India, in 1928, in honor of Physicist Dr. Raman. …Read More »
  • Satan’s  Deception

    Satan’s Deception

    Satan’s  Deception   Are we part of the 1/3rd ? Were we in EDEN ? Ezekiel 31;  Revelation 12:1-4 Who are Adam (mankind), and Eve (womankind) in Eden? Among the most misunderstood verses in the Bible are Revelation 12:1-4.  There are several understandings of just what this woman in heaven, and these symbols around her,…Read More »
  • One Father & Two Sons –  The Prodigal One,  & The Other One

    One Father & Two Sons – The Prodigal One, & The Other One

    One Father & Two Sons – The Prodigal One,  & The Other One Proverbs 13:20-25; Luke 15:11-32 Target Truth    Pastor  Gerry   Crossroads Church, Box 1533, Ukiah, Ca.  95482   707-467-8400 God calls us, as Christians, to spread the Word—the truth of the Bible.  We don’t save anyone.  God will do the saving.  But, we are…Read More »